A New Roadmap For Addressing the Social Determinants of Health​

The path to different outcomes is navigated by combining a unique intervention model, highly trained local team, and best-in-class technology to address SDOH

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From Good To Great

Moving the Model Forward

The current work being done to address SDOH in our communities is good work.  There are many good programs addressing specific issues like housing or hunger. There are great referral management networks. There are care coordination efforts across communities.

The issue with most of these models is they are reactive. Path Assist wants to tap into the power of proactive social care.  Moving upstream, avoiding costly events. Engaging the unengaged. Empowering and Educating them to take back their journey to better wellbeing.

We've lower ED visits, 911 calls, and increased housing in Marin County

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Why Work with Us

the Path Assist Difference


Five Ways Path Assist will take Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) focused Programs from Good to Great


The Power of Proactive Social Care

We are a proactive model. Path Assist’s model engages early, screens to identify potential clients and navigates them to better outcomes


We Meet People Where the Are

Our local, tech-enabled Community Health Navigators conduct data driven outreach to engage individuals where they are, before they present with a costly avoidable event.


We Use Data to Drive Outcomes

When facing the challenges of SDOH, we have limited resources.

We use data to target populations we know can achieve better outcomes with better engagement.


Moving Programs from Good to Great

We are an augmentation, not a replacement for existing care management programs.

We want to take your existing efforts from doing good work to doing great work for your community.


We are a Tech-Enabled Model

We deploy best-in-class technology to drive better outcomes. Easy to use tools lead to better individual engagement, better coordination amongst stakeholders, decreased frustration, less resource strain, and improved results

How it works

The Path Assist Model

Individuals and Families are engaged by tech enabled, data driven, highly trained Community Health Navigators to create a Community Care Record that will guide them along the path to a better, healthier life.