Path Assist by Activate Care

Our mission is to engage Medicaid members in care to improve outcomes and lower costs. We do this by hiring & training community health navigators (CHN) and empowering them with data, technology, and a proven intervention to engage individuals in care.

Many Medicaid beneficiaries struggle to obtain, process, communicate, and understand basic health information and services. Furthermore, many lack health literacy, or a true understanding of their medical conditions. 

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that Medicaid beneficiaries, who are more actively involved in their health care, experience better health outcomes and incur lower costs. Medicaid and MCO leadership agree that while there are many networks and community efforts, there is little activity to facilitate networks, engagement, and community connection.

Path Assist is an evidence-based program that augments health plan’s current SDOH strategies to improve outcomes, reduce administrative costs, and advance state goals. The program includes four components: 


Community-engaged research on the current state of a community’s health resources, barriers, and needs, including the factors contributing to health disparities and proposed solutions to advance health equity is conducted.

Community Health Navigators (CHNs)

Path Assist CHNs are hired locally and receive in-depth and ongoing training based on nationally recognized core competencies with a focus on engagement. They are trusted in the community and engage clients in care planning, coaching and serve as a liaison between community services.

Highly Structured Intervention

The Path Assist intervention begins with risk-based stratification, and includes proactive SDOH screening, individualized care planning, social navigation and coaching. Path Assist matches intervention intensity to each client’s specific needs.

Care Record

Path Assist uses a proprietary technology to curate a person-centered community care record to document, track, report, and, with client permission, share outcomes.

CHN professionals work with trusted community organizations and assemble a community care record that connects the needs, goals, and outcomes stakeholders need. Path Assist professionals are charged with engaging members to build health confidence and stitch together the great work happening across community networks. We help individuals solve everyday problems that could later end up being clinical issues if they are not addressed.

Our transformational, preventative model of care can help address health equity challenges and meet the needs of the plans contracted to manage the underserved and rising risk populations.


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