Click here to learn how to DOWNLOAD the Path Assist App.

Log in to the App

Create an account

1. Click on ‘Create Account’.

Enter phone number and date of birth

To log on.

2. Enter in your ‘Phone Number

  • Enter in your ‘Date of Birth
  • 01/29/2022 MM/DD/YYYY

3. Click ‘Continue’ at the bottom of the screen.

Enter passcode

4. You will get a text with a 6 digit PingOne passcode.

  • Every time you log in to the app it will send you a new PingOne Passcode.

5. Enter the PingOne Passcode into the box under ‘Enter Passcode’.

6. Click ‘Continue.

Registering on the app

Do three actions to register. 

1. A box will pop up with the statement: “Path Assist Would Like to Send You Notifications.” 

  • Click “Allow”.
  • This lets your Navigator send you information.

2. There are two circle buttons at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click “Agree” to share your data and claims history with the App.
  • Click “Not Agree” to not share.

Click “Continue.”

3. There is a small box next to the statement “I agree to the Terms & Conditions.”

  • Click that box to agree.
  • Click “Continue

You are now logged in!

You’ve successfully logged in and you will be taken to your Care Plan in the next screen!