How It Works

Learn more about how Path Assist can help your community limit the effects of the social determinants of health.

An innovative approach powered by proven models.

See how Path Assist builds upon decades of industry knowledge to build a new social risk solution for SDOH.


In each community, we start by building connections with existing CBOs, faith-based organizations, at-risk providers, and other organizations committed to addressing SDOH. We learn from these groups and use their knowledge of the community to identify populations who would benefit from Path Assist.

SDOH Screening

Next, we reach out to potential clients and complete an SDOH-focused screening process where we assess their unique journey, needs, and goals. The results of this screener form the basis of our care plan with each client, meaning each plan is unique.

Goal Setting and Navigation

We assign one of our local Community Health Navigator to each individual. Our Navigators are local experts equipped with industry-leading care coordination tools to guide each client through the steps identified in the care plan. Navigators help clients work through barriers on their journey until their needs are met.


Once all goals are completed, clients graduate from the program with valuable experience navigating the resources in their community. We anonymously aggregate the data from each journey to inform future care plans and provide powerful,
end-to-end outcomes data.