Path Assist Resource Kit


Welcome to the Path Assist program. This is your resource kit. We encourage you to bookmark this page or save it to your favorites for quick and easy access to the information available here.

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how the program works.

The Role of a Community Health Worker

Community Health Workers have helped many clients reach their goals, grow and thrive. Our Navigators are:
• Deeply knowledgeable about resources in your area.
• Skilled at navigating systems to find resources.
• Trained to support clients set goals and work towards them.
• Experienced working with all kinds of people.

Working with a Community Health Worker

Click below to learn what to expect when working with your Community Health Worker.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Path Assist program is completely FREE for participants. It does not cost anything.

Path Assist cannot give money or resources directly to clients. However our well-trained Community Health Navigators will do their best to connect you to the services that can help get you what you need.

Getting the resources we all need can be really hard. Sometimes, what keeps us from getting these resources is beyond our control. For example, we may not be eligible for a service or the service may not even exist. Sometimes, we need help finding a way around the barriers. Path Assist CHNs will work with you closely to understand what you have tried before, what has been helpful, and what was not worked. Then, they will do their best to help you navigate the barriers and get you the care or resources that you need.

The information that you share with us is completely confidential and protected through HIPAA-compliant secure software. However, there are a few times when we might need to share your information and we will inform you of this every time. The first case is if it would be helpful for your care if we coordinate with other providers who are assisting you. In these cases, we will always get your permission first if we need to speak with someone else on your behalf.

The other case is if you might be in danger of hurting yourself, hurting someone else, or being hurt by someone else. If you share any of these situations with us, we may need to turn to someone else who can help make sure that you are safe. We will discuss it with you first.

8-6pm Central Standard Time

Please tell them to go to and sign up for the program by selecting “Get Help Now.” Or, they can call to sign up at 402-265-6551.