Connecting you with Your Community

The goal of Path Assist is to help you address issues like housing, food, transportation, access to medicine, isolation, and more before they become critical, costly problems.

How does it work?


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Our Path Assist team will guide you through a complete screening to build your care plan


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Our Community Care Record, that you can access via the Path Assist app, allows for easy collaboration with your team to accomplish the goals of your care plan


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Path Assist will connect you with your community to get you on the path to better health.

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Find answers to some commonly asked questions here or reach out to the team. We are happy to help!

There is no cost to connect with Path Assist’s trained professionals.  If you need help, reach out and we are happy to connect.

Every client of the Path Assist program has their own Community Care Record that they can access online or via the Path Assist app.

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