Who we Are

Path Assist is a joint offering from Activate Care, a leader in social risk management solutions, and Nomi Health, the national provider of easy to access, low-cost healthcare.


Our goal is simple:
improve poor outcomes
and reduce high costs
due to Social Determinants
of Health

Through our combined expertise and local commitment, we believe we can fundamentally lower the cost of care and improve quality care for those who need it most.  That’s why together we created an innovative, proactive model of care that leverages the power of the community to address the social determinants of health and cost of care before they become unsustainable.

Values we live by



Proactive omni-channel outreach to meet individuals and families where they are and drive engagement with community based services and primary care to facilitate their journey to better quality of life.



Providing guidance from locally based, highly trained Community Health Navigators to help educate people on how to best navigate a siloed and fractured system to get the services and resources they need



Build trusting, longitudinal relationships between individuals and their community that empowers them to participate in their care and drive better outcomes using the services available in their community.

Our team of experts

With decades of proven experience Across our teams, We are prepared to help you achieve your goals, and beyond.

Local Team

Our local teams on the are ready to help you in:

Leadership Team

Our Leadership team has decades of experience leading the way for Path Assist

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